Plugins > vCenter Server 5.5.3 > VcStoragePod > moveIntoFolder_Task

Method moveIntoFolder_Task(VcManagedEntity[] list)

Moves a set of managed entities into this folder.

This operation is typically used by clients when they implement a drag-and-drop interface to move a set of objects into a folder.

This operation is transactional only with respect to each individual entity. The set of entities is moved sequentially as specified in the list, and committed one at a time. If the VcFolder method fails on an object, the method terminates at that point with an exception, leaving the rest of the managed entities in their original location.

The objects that can be moved into a folder depends on the folder's type (as defined by the folder's VcFolder property). For a datacenter folder, only datacenters and datacenter folders can be moved into the folder. For a virtual machine folder, only virtual machines and virtual machine folders can be moved into the folder. For a host folder, ComputeResource objects, host folder objects, and HostSystem objects can be moved into the folder.

Moving a HostSystem into a host folder creates a stand-alone host from a host that is currently part of a ClusterComputeResource. The host must be part of a ClusterComputeResource in the same datacenter and the host must be in maintenance mode. Otherwise, the operation fails.

A ComputeResource with a single root resource pool is created for each HostSystem. The name of the ComputeResource is the DNS or IP address of the host. This operation moves the (physical) host resources out of a cluster. It does not move or change the ResourcePool configuration that is part of the ClusterComputeResource with which the host was associated.

Note that all virtual machines associated with a host are moved with the host into the folder. If there are virtual machines that should not be moved with the host, then migrate them from the host before initiating this operation.

For a HostSystem move, the privileges required are Host.Inventory.EditCluster on the source ClusterComputeResource, Host.Inventory.MoveHost on the HostSystem, and Host.Inventory.AddStandaloneHost on the target Folder.

Otherwise, the privilege required for this operation varies depending on this folder's type and is checked against the source container, destination container, and the object:

  • Folder.Move if the object is a Folder
  • Datacenter.Move if the object is a Datacenter
  • Host.Inventory.MoveCluster if the object is a ComputeResource
  • VirtualMachine.Inventory.Move if the object is a virtual machine or virtual machine template
  • DVSwitch.Move if the object is a DistributedVirtualSwitch
  • Datastore.Move if the object is a datastore
  • Network.Move if the object is a network
If the object is a HostSystem, the privileges required are Host.Inventory.AddStandaloneHost on the folder, Host.Inventory.MoveHost on the HostSystem, and Host.Inventory.EditCluster on the host's original ComputeResource.




Name Type Description
list VcManagedEntity[] The list of objects to be moved into the folder.