Method removeDisk_Task(VcHostScsiDisk[] disk)

Remove the set of given disks from use by the VSAN service on this host. Users may use this API to manually remove a DiskMapping#nonSsd from a DiskMapping. This operation is only permitted if the VSAN service on this host is not configured to automatically claim storage.

This method may not be used to remove the last DiskMapping#nonSsd from any given DiskMapping. Removal of the last DiskMapping#nonSsd can be accomplished by using VcHostVsanSystem.

Upon successful completion of the returned VcTask, its VcTaskInfo field will be populated with a VcVsanHostDiskResult[]. Sets DiskIsLastRemainingNonSSD fault in returned task if specified disk is the last DiskMapping#nonSsd member of DiskMapping.
See VcHostVsanSystem
See VcHostVsanSystem
See VcVsanHostConfigInfoStorageInfo




Name Type Description
disk VcHostScsiDisk[] list of disks to be removed from use by the VSAN service.<br>See <a href="VcHostVsanSystem.html#removeDiskMapping">VcHostVsanSystem</a><br>See <a href="VcHostVsanSystem.html#update">VcHostVsanSystem</a><br>See <a href="VcVsanHostConfigInfoStorageInfo.html#autoClaimStorage">VcVsanHostConfigInfoStorageInfo</a><br>