Plugins > vCenter Server 5.5.3 > VcHostVsanSystem > removeDiskMapping_Task

Method removeDiskMapping_Task(VcVsanHostDiskMapping[] mapping)

Delete given set of disk mappings from use by the VSAN service on this host. This API may be used to remove all disks in a given mapping, including its DiskMapping#ssd. This operation is only permitted if the VSAN service on this host is not configured to automatically claim storage.

Upon successful completion of the returned VcTask, its VcTaskInfo field will be populated with an empty VcVsanHostDiskMapResult[]. If any errors are encountered, the returned field will instead contain populated error information.
See VcHostVsanSystem
See VcHostVsanSystem
See VcVsanHostConfigInfoStorageInfo




Name Type Description
mapping VcVsanHostDiskMapping[] list of disk mappings to be removed from VSAN usage.<br>See <a href="VcHostVsanSystem.html#removeDisk">VcHostVsanSystem</a><br>See <a href="VcHostVsanSystem.html#update">VcHostVsanSystem</a><br>See <a href="VcVsanHostConfigInfoStorageInfo.html#autoClaimStorage">VcVsanHostConfigInfoStorageInfo</a><br>