Plugins > vCenter Server 5.5.3 > VcHostSystem > reconnectHost_Task

Method reconnectHost_Task(VcHostConnectSpec cnxSpec, VcHostSystemReconnectSpec reconnectSpec)

Reconnects to a host. This process reinstalls agents and reconfigures the host, if it has gotten out of date with VirtualCenter. The reconnection process goes through many of the same steps as addHost: ensuring the correct set of licenses for the number of CPUs on the host, ensuring the correct set of agents is installed, and ensuring that networks and datastores are discovered and registered with VirtualCenter.

The client can change the IP address and port of the host when doing a reconnect operation. This can be useful if the client wants to preserve existing metadata, even though the host is changing its IP address. For example, clients could preserve existing statistics, alarms, and privileges.

This method can also be used to change the SSL thumbprint of a connected host without disconnecting it.

Any changes made to the resource hierarchy on the host when the host was disconnected are overriden by VirtualCenter settings on reconnect.

This method is only supported through VirtualCenter.




Name Type Description
cnxSpec VcHostConnectSpec Includes the parameters to use, including user name and password, when reconnecting to the host. If this parameter is not specified, the default connection parameters is used.
reconnectSpec VcHostSystemReconnectSpec Includes connection parameters specific to reconnect. This will mainly be used to indicate how to handle divergence between the host settings and vCenter Server settings when the host was disconnected.