Plugins > vCenter Server 5.5.3 > VcHostSystem > powerUpHostFromStandBy_Task

Method powerUpHostFromStandBy_Task(Number timeoutSec)

Takes the host out of standby mode. If the command is successful, the host wakes up and starts sending heartbeats. This method may be called automatically by a dynamic recommendation generation module to add capacity to a cluster, if the host is not in maintenance mode.

Note that, depending on the implementation of the wakeup method, the client may never receive an indicator of success in the returned task. In some cases, it is not even possible to ensure that the wakeup request has made it to the host.

The task is cancellable.




Name Type Description
timeoutSec Number The task completes when the host successfully exits standby state and sends a heartbeat signal. If nothing is received from the host for timeoutSec seconds, the host is declared timedout, and the task is assumed failed.