Plugins > vCenter Server 5.5.3 > VcHostStorageSystem > resolveMultipleUnresolvedVmfsVolumesEx_Task

Method resolveMultipleUnresolvedVmfsVolumesEx_Task(VcHostUnresolvedVmfsResolutionSpec[] resolutionSpec)

Resignature or 'Force Mount' list of unbound VMFS volumes.

To safely enable sharing of the volume across hosts, a VMFS volume is bound to its underlying block device storage. When a low level block copy is performed to copy or move the VMFS volume, the copied volume will be unbound. In order for the VMFS volume to be usable, a resolution operation is needed to determine whether the VMFS volume should be treated as a new volume or not and what extents compose that volume in the event there is more than one unbound volume.

Resignature results in a new VMFS volume on the host. Operations performed at the VcHostStorageSystem interface apply only to a specific host. Hence, callers of this method are responsible for issuing rescan operations to detect the new VMFS volume on other hosts. Alternatively, callers that want VirtualCenter to handle rescanning the necessary hosts should use the VcHostDatastoreSystem interface.

When user wants to keep the original VMFS UUID and mount it on the host, set the resolutionSpec.uuidResolution (VcHostUnresolvedVmfsResolutionSpec) to VcHostUnresolvedVmfsResolutionSpecVmfsUuidResolution. This is per-host operation.

It will return an array of VcHostUnresolvedVmfsResolutionResult describing success or failure associated with each specification.

This method behaves the same as VcHostStorageSystem except that it returns a task to support monitoring the operation. This is important for operations with large number of unresolved volumes which may take potentially dozens of minutes to complete.




Name Type Description
resolutionSpec VcHostUnresolvedVmfsResolutionSpec[] List of data object that describes what the disk extents to be used for creating the new VMFS volume.