Plugins > vCenter Server 5.5.3 > VcHostPatchManager > installHostPatch_Task

Method installHostPatch_Task(VcHostPatchManagerLocator repository, String updateID, boolean force)

Patch the host. The operation is not cancelable. If the patch installation failed, an atomic rollback of the installation will be attempted. Manual rollback is required if the atomic rollback failed, see VcPatchInstallFailed for details.




Name Type Description
repository VcHostPatchManagerLocator Location of the repository that contains the bulletin depot. The depot must be organized as a flat collection of bulletins with each one being a folder named after the bulletin ID. Each folder must contain both update metadata and required binaries.
updateID String The update to be installed on the host.
force boolean Specify whether to force reinstall an update. By default, installing an already-installed update would fail with the <a href="VcPatchAlreadyInstalled.html">VcPatchAlreadyInstalled</a> fault. If force is set to true, the update will be forcifully reinstalled, thus overwriting the already installed update.