Plugins > vCenter Server 5.5.3 > VcHostPatchManager > installHostPatchV2_Task

Method installHostPatchV2_Task(String[] metaUrls, String[] bundleUrls, String[] vibUrls, VcHostPatchManagerPatchManagerOperationSpec spec)

Patch the host. The operation is not cancelable. If the patch installation failed, an atomic rollback of the installation will be attempted. Manual rollback is required if the atomic rollback failed, see VcPatchInstallFailed for details.




Name Type Description
metaUrls String[] A list of urls pointing to
bundleUrls String[] a list of urls pointing to an "offline" bundle. It is not supported in 5.0 or later.
vibUrls String[] The urls of update binary files to be installed.
spec VcHostPatchManagerPatchManagerOperationSpec