Plugins > vCenter Server 5.5.3 > VcFolder > addStandaloneHost_Task

Method addStandaloneHost_Task(VcHostConnectSpec spec, VcComputeResourceConfigSpec compResSpec, boolean addConnected, String license)

Creates a new single-host compute resource. The name provided can be an IP address, such as, or a string, such as esx120. If a name is specified, a DNS lookup is used to resolve it to a fully-qualified name, such as If the DNS lookup fails, the string is stored as specified.

Licenses for the host are allocated when making the first connection to the host. This is because the license needed typically depends on the type of host and the number of CPUs.

In addition to the Host.Inventory.AddStandaloneHost privilege, it requires System.View privilege on the VM folder that the VMs of the host will be placed on.




Name Type Description
spec VcHostConnectSpec The host name, port, and passwords for the host to be added.
compResSpec VcComputeResourceConfigSpec Optionally specify the configuration for the compute resource that will be created to contain the host.
addConnected boolean Flag to specify whether or not the host should be connected as soon as it is added. The host will not be added if a connection attempt is made and fails.
license String Provide a licenseKey or licenseKeyType. See <a href="VcLicenseManager.html">VcLicenseManager</a>