Method reconfigureDVPortgroup_Task(VcDVPortgroupConfigSpec spec)

Reconfigures one or more distributed virtual portgroups. You can use this method to set portgroup properties or to reset the portgroup to a previous state.

Reconfiguring a Standard Distributed Virtual Portgroup

To reconfigure a VcDistributedVirtualPortgroup, use a VcDVPortgroupConfigSpec to set the portgroup properties.

Reconfiguring a Portgroup Associated With a VMware Distributed Virtual Switch

If you use a VcVmwareDistributedVirtualSwitch, you can perform the following portgroup reconfiguration:

The following privileges are required to reconfigure a portgroup.

  • DVPortgroup.PolicyOp if you are changing the policy of the portgroup.
  • DVPortgroup.ScopeOp if you are changing the scope of the portgroup.
  • DVPortgroup.Modify for anything else.




Name Type Description
spec VcDVPortgroupConfigSpec Configuration data for the portgroup.