Plugins > vCenter Server 5.5.3 > VcDatacenter > powerOnMultiVM_Task

Method powerOnMultiVM_Task(VcVirtualMachine[] vm, VcOptionValue[] option)

Powers on multiple virtual machines in a data center. If the virtual machines are suspended, this method resumes execution from the suspend point. The virtual machines can belong to different clusters in the data center.

If any virtual machine in the list is manually managed by DRS, or DRS has to migrate any manually managed virtual machine or power on any manually managed host in order to power on these virtual machines, a DRS recommendation will be generated, and the users need to manually apply the recommendation for actually powering on these virtual machines. Otherwise, all the virtual machine will be automatically powered on. The virtual machines on stand alone hosts or DRS disabled will be powered-on on the current host. The DRS automatically managed virtual machines will be powered-on on the recommended hosts.

When powering on a virtual machine in a cluster, the system might do an implicit relocation of the virtual machine to another host.




Name Type Description
vm VcVirtualMachine[] The virtual machines to power on.
option VcOptionValue[] An array of <a href="VcOptionValue.html">VcOptionValue</a> options for this power-on session. The names and values of the options are defined in <a href="VcClusterPowerOnVmOption.html">VcClusterPowerOnVmOption</a>.