Plugins > vCenter Server 5.5.3 > VcClusterComputeResource > reconfigureComputeResource_Task

Method reconfigureComputeResource_Task(VcComputeResourceConfigSpec spec, boolean modify)

Change the compute resource configuration.




Name Type Description
spec VcComputeResourceConfigSpec A set of configuration changes to apply to the compute resource. The specification can be a complete set of changes or a partial set of changes, applied incrementally. When invoking reconfigureEx on a cluster, this argument may be a <a href="VcClusterConfigSpecEx.html">VcClusterConfigSpecEx</a> object.
modify boolean Flag to specify whether the specification ("spec") should be applied incrementally. If "modify" is false and the operation succeeds, then the configuration of the cluster matches the specification exactly; in this case any unset portions of the specification will result in unset or default portions of the configuration.