Method moveInto_Task(VcHostSystem[] host)

Moves an existing host into a cluster. The host must be part of the same datacenter, and if the host is part of a cluster, the host must be in maintenance mode.

If the host is part of a stand-alone ComputeResource, then the stand-alone ComputeResource is removed as part of this operation.

All virtual machines associated with a host, regardless of whether or not they are running, are moved with the host into the cluster. If there are virtual machines that should not be moved, then migrate those virtual machines off the host before initiating this operation.

For stand-alone hosts, the host resource pool hierarchy is discarded in this call. To preserve a host resource pools from a stand-alone host, call moveHostInt, specifying an optional resource pool. This operation is transactional only with respect to each individual host. Hosts in the set are moved sequentially and are committed, one at a time. If a failure is detected, then the method terminates with an exception. Since hosts are moved one at a time, if this operation fails while in the process of moving multiple hosts, some hosts are left unmoved.

In addition to the privileges mentioned, the user must also hold Host.Inventory.EditCluster on the host's source ComputeResource object.




Name Type Description
host VcHostSystem[] The list of hosts to move into the cluster.