Class VcTaskInfo

Extends VcDynamicData
This data object type contains all information about a task. A task represents an operation performed by VirtualCenter or ESX.


Name Type Description
cancelable boolean Flag to indicate whether or not the cancel task operation is supported.
cancelled boolean Flag to indicate whether or not the client requested cancellation of the task.
changeTag String The user entered tag to identify the operations and their side effects
completeTime Date Time stamp when the task was completed (whether success or failure).
description VcLocalizableMessage The description field of the task describes the current phase of operation of the task. For a task that does a single monolithic activity, this will be fixed and unchanging. For tasks that have various substeps, this field will change as the task progresses from one phase to another.
descriptionId String An identifier for this operation. This includes publicly visible internal tasks and is a lookup in the TaskDescription methodInfo data object.
entity VcManagedEntity Managed entity to which the operation applies.
entityName String The name of the managed entity, locale-specific, retained for the history collector database.
error VcLocalizedMethodFault If the task state is "error", then this property contains the fault code.
eventChainId Number Event chain ID that leads to the corresponding events.
key String The unique key for the task.
locked VcManagedEntity[] If the state of the task is "running", then this property is a list of managed entities that the operation has locked, with a shared lock.
name String The name of the operation that created the task. This is not set for internal tasks.
parentTaskKey String Tasks can be cretaed by another task. This shows <a href="VcTaskInfo.html#key">VcTaskInfo</a> of the task spun off this task. This is to track causality between tasks.
progress Number If the task state is "running", then this property contains a progress measurement, expressed as percentage completed, from 0 to 100. <p> If this property is not set, then the command does not report progress.
queueTime Date Time stamp when the task was created.
reason VcTaskReason Kind of entity responsible for creating this task.
result Object If the task state is "success", then this property may be used to hold a return value.
result_FloatValue Number Float value for the attribute result
result_IntValue Number Integer value for the attribute result
result_LongValue Number Long value for the attribute result
rootTaskKey String Tasks can be cretaed by another task and such creation can go on for multiple levels. This is the <a href="VcTaskInfo.html#key">VcTaskInfo</a> of the task that started the chain of tasks.
startTime Date Time stamp when the task started running.
state VcTaskInfoState Runtime status of the task.
task VcTask The managed object that represents this task.


Name Returns
VcTaskInfo() constructor
equals(Object ) boolean
getAdditionalBeanInfo() java.beans.BeanInfo[]
getBeanDescriptor() java.beans.BeanDescriptor
getDefaultEventIndex() Number
getDefaultPropertyIndex() Number
getDeserializer(String , java.lang.Class , javax.xml.namespace.QName ) org.apache.axis.encoding.Deserializer
getEntity_ManagedObject() Object
getEventSetDescriptors() java.beans.EventSetDescriptor[]
getIcon(Number ) java.awt.Image
getLocked_ManagedObject() Object
getMethodDescriptors() java.beans.MethodDescriptor[]
getPropertyDescriptors() java.beans.PropertyDescriptor[]
getSerializer(String , java.lang.Class , javax.xml.namespace.QName ) org.apache.axis.encoding.Serializer
getTask_ManagedObject() Object
getTypeDesc() org.apache.axis.description.TypeDesc
hashCode() Number
isCancelable() boolean
isCancelled() boolean
setEntity_ManagedObject(Object ) void
setLocked_ManagedObject(Object ) void
setTask_ManagedObject(Object ) void

Returned by

Method Returns
VcTaskHistoryCollector.readNextTasks(Number maxCount) VcTaskInfo[]
VcTaskHistoryCollector.readPreviousTasks(Number maxCount) VcTaskInfo[]
VcTaskManager.createTask(managedObjectReference obj, String taskTypeId, String initiatedBy, boolean cancelable, String parentTaskKey) VcTaskInfo

Referenced in

Method Returns
VcEventManager.postEvent(VcEvent eventToPost, VcTaskInfo taskInfo) void