Class VcStorageDrsConfigSpec

Extends VcDynamicData
The VcStorageDrsConfigSpec data object provides a set of update specifications for storage DRS configuration. To support incremental changes, these properties are all optional.


Name Type Description
podConfigSpec VcStorageDrsPodConfigSpec Changes to the configuration of the storage DRS service.
vmConfigSpec VcStorageDrsVmConfigSpec[] Changes to the per-virtual-machine storage DRS settings.


Name Returns
VcStorageDrsConfigSpec() constructor
equals(Object ) boolean
getDeserializer(String , java.lang.Class , javax.xml.namespace.QName ) org.apache.axis.encoding.Deserializer
getSerializer(String , java.lang.Class , javax.xml.namespace.QName ) org.apache.axis.encoding.Serializer
getTypeDesc() org.apache.axis.description.TypeDesc
hashCode() Number

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Method Returns
VcStorageResourceManager.configureStorageDrsForPod_Task(VcStoragePod pod, VcStorageDrsConfigSpec spec, boolean modify) VcTask