Class VcClusterDrsFaults

Extends VcDynamicData
The faults generated by DRS when it tries to make recommendations for rule enforcement, power management, etc., and indexed in a tree structure with reason for recommendations and VM to migrate (optional) as the index keys.


Name Type Description
faultsByVm VcClusterDrsFaultsFaultsByVm[] The faults grouped by VMs that DRS was trying to migrate.
reason String A reason code explaining why this set of recommendations were attempted by DRS when it generated the faults.


Name Returns
VcClusterDrsFaults() constructor
equals(Object ) boolean
getDeserializer(String , java.lang.Class , javax.xml.namespace.QName ) org.apache.axis.encoding.Deserializer
getSerializer(String , java.lang.Class , javax.xml.namespace.QName ) org.apache.axis.encoding.Serializer
getTypeDesc() org.apache.axis.description.TypeDesc
hashCode() Number

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