Class UCSMWwnnPool

Extends com.vmware.o11n.vmo.plugin.ucsm.model.WwnPool
Defines a WWN pool that contains only WW node names. If you include a pool of WWNNs in a service profile, the associated server is assigned a WWNN from that pool.


Name Type Description
blocks UCSMWwnBlock[] Array of WWN blocks that are part of this pool.
description String Short description of the managed object.
displayName String Display name. The name which will be used to expose this object to the user.
dn String Distinguished name (DN/dn) Immutable property of all managed objects (MO) that provides a fully qualified and unambiguous name for the managed object.
multiUcsmDn String Distinguished name (DN/dn) in multi UCS environment. Prefixes the dn with a host name.
name String Name of the managed object.
ucsmSystem UCSMSystem Cisco UCS system


Name Returns
UCSMWwnnPool() constructor
UCSMWwnnPool(String id, String dn) constructor
createBlock(String start, Number size) UCSMWwnnPool

Returned by

Method Returns
UCSMWwnnPool.createBlock(String start, Number size) UCSMWwnnPool

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