Class UCSMUuidBlock

Extends com.vmware.o11n.vmo.plugin.ucsm.model.BaseInventoryObject
Defines a block of identities populated into a pool. This object is used for configuring pool members.


Name Type Description
displayName String Display name. The name which will be used to expose this object to the user.
dn String Distinguished name (DN/dn) Immutable property of all managed objects (MO) that provides a fully qualified and unambiguous name for the managed object.
from String Start UUID in the block.
multiUcsmDn String Distinguished name (DN/dn) in multi UCS environment. Prefixes the dn with a host name.
name String Name of the managed object.
to String End UUID in the block.
ucsmSystem UCSMSystem Cisco UCS system


Name Returns
UCSMUuidBlock() constructor
evaluateTo(String , Number ) String
remove() UCSMUuidBlock
validateUuidSuffix(String ) boolean

Returned by

Method Returns
UCSMUuidBlock.remove() UCSMUuidBlock
UCSMUuidPool.createBlock(String start, Number size) UCSMUuidBlock

Referenced in

Method Returns
UCSMUuidPool.createPool(String orgDn, String name, String description, String prefix, UCSMUuidBlock[] blocks) UCSMUuidPool
UCSMUuidPool.updatePool(String description, String prefix, UCSMUuidBlock[] blocks) UCSMUuidPool