Class SOAPHost

Represents an external system as its Web Service interface.


Name Type Description
authentication SOAPAuthentication Authentication information
connectionTimeout Number Connection timeout in seconds
id String Identifier of the host
keyId String Key Id
name String Name of the host
preferredEndpointURL String Preferred endpoint address. If set will be used with higher priority than the endpoint address defined within the WSDL.
proxyHost String Proxy host
proxyPort Number Proxy port
requestTimeout Number Request timeout in seconds
wsdlFileContent String WSDL file content
wsdlLocal boolean True if the WSDL content is locally provided, false if it is derived from URL
wsdlUri String URI to the WSDL file of the external service


Name Returns
createWorkflow(String operationName, String workflowName, WorkflowCategory category, Properties options) Workflow
getOperation(String operationName) SOAPOperation
getOperations() String[]

Returned by

Method Returns
SOAPHostManager.addHost(SOAPHost host) SOAPHost
SOAPHostManager.getHost(String id) SOAPHost
SOAPHostManager.removeHost(String id) SOAPHost
SOAPHostManager.updateHost(SOAPHost host) SOAPHost
SOAPOperation.getHost() SOAPHost

Referenced in

Method Returns
SOAPHostManager.addHost(SOAPHost host) SOAPHost
SOAPHostManager.updateHost(SOAPHost host) SOAPHost