Class AzureWebSiteProperties

Represents the properties of a website.


Name Type Description
adminEnabled boolean Optional. Read-only. This value is always true.
availabilityState AzureWebSpaceAvailabilityState Optional. The state of the availability of management information for the site. Possible values are Normal or Limited. Normal means that the site is running correctly and that management information for the site is available. Limited means that only partial management information for the site is available and that detailed site information is unavailable.
enabled boolean Optional. true if the site is enabled; otherwise, false. Setting this value to false disables the site (takes the site off line).
enabledHostNames Object[] Optional. An array of strings that contains enabled hostnames for the site. By default, these are [SiteName] and [SiteName]
hostNames Object[] Optional. An array of strings that contains the public hostnames for the site, including custom domains. Important: When you add a custom domain in a PUT operation, be sure to include every hostname that you want for the web site. To delete a custom domain name in a PUT operation, include all of the hostnames for the site that you want to keep, but leave out the one that you wangt to delete.
hostNameSslStates Object[] Optional. SSL states bound to the website.
lastModifiedTimeUtc Date Optional. A dateTime value that contains, in Coordinated Universal Time, the last time the web site was modified.
properties AzureSiteProperties Optional. Contains AppSettings, Metadata, and Properties for a site.
provisioningState String Optional. Gets or sets resource provisioning state.
repositorySiteName String Optional. The name of the repository web site.
runtimeAvailabilityState AzureWebSiteRuntimeAvailabilityState Optional. Possible values are Normal, Degraded, or NotAvailable. Normal: the web site is running correctly. Degraded: the web site is running temporarily in a degraded mode (typically with less memory and a shared instance.) Not Available: due to an unexpected issue, the site has been excluded from provisioning. This typically occurs only for free sites.
serverFarm String Optional. Name of a Web Hosting Plan (Server Farm) that this site belongs to.
serverFarmId String Optional. The fully qualified name of the serverFarm allowing for server farms in different subscriptions and resource groups versus the ServerFarm property that is just the farm name.
siteConfig AzureWebSiteConfiguration Optional. Contains site configuration
sku AzureSkuOptions Optional. SKU of a Web Hosting Plan (Server Farm) that this site belongs to.
state AzureWebSiteState Optional. A string that describes the state of the web site. Possible values are Stopped or Running.
trafficManagerHostNames Object[] Optional. An array of strings that contain the traffic manager hostnames.
uri String Optional. Direct URL to the web site endpoint on Windows Azure Web Sites, including the subscription ID, webspace name, and site name.
usageState AzureWebSiteUsageState Optional. Possible values are Normal or Exceeded. If any quota is exceeded, the UsageState value changes to Exceeded and the site goes off line.
webSpace String Optional. The name of the webspace in which the web site is located. This property is read-only.


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