Class AzureWebSiteConfiguration

The Get Web Site Configuration operation response.


Name Type Description
appSettings Properties Optional. A set of name/value pairs that contain application settings for a site.
autoSwapSlotName String Optional. Gets the slot name to swap with after successful deployment.
connectionStrings Object[] Optional. Contains connection strings for database and other external resources.
defaultDocuments Object[] Optional. Contains one or more string elements that list, in order of preference, the name of the file that a web site returns when the web site's domain name is requested by itself. For example, if the default document for is default.htm, the page is returned when the browser is pointed to
detailedErrorLoggingEnabled boolean Optional. True if detailed error logging is enabled; otherwise, false.
documentRoot String Optional. The document root.
handlerMappings Object[] Optional. Specifies custom executable programs for handling requests for specific file name extensions.
httpLoggingEnabled boolean Optional. True if HTTP error logging is enabled; otherwise, false.
limits AzureSiteLimits Optional. The per site limits.
logsDirectorySizeLimit Number Optional. The limit of the logs directory.
managedPipelineMode AzureManagedPipelineMode Optional. Managed pipeline modes.
metadata Properties Optional. Contains name/value pairs for source control or other information.
netFrameworkVersion String Optional. The .NET Framework version. Supported values are v2.0 and v4.0.
numberOfWorkers Number Optional. The number of web workers allotted to the web site. If the site mode is Free, this value is 1. If the site mode is Shared, this value can range from 1 through 6. If the site mode is Standard, this value can range from 1 through 10.
phpVersion String Optional. Supported values are an empty string (an empty string disables PHP), 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6.
publishingPassword String Optional. Hash value of the password used for publishing the web site.
publishingUserName String Optional. The username used for publishing the web site. This is normally a dollar sign prepended to the web site name (for example, "$contoso").
pythonVersion String Optional. Supported values are an empty string (an empty string disables Python), 2.7 and 3.4.
remoteDebuggingEnabled boolean Optional. True remote debugging is enabled; otherwise, false.
remoteDebuggingVersion AzureRemoteDebuggingVersion Optional. True remote debugging version.
requestTracingEnabled boolean Optional. True if request tracing is enabled; otherwise, false.
requestTracingExpirationTime Date Optional. Time remaining until request tracing expires.
scmType String Optional. The source control method that the web site is using (for example, Local Git). If deployment from source control has not been set up for the web site, this value is None.
use32BitWorkerProcess boolean Optional. True if 32-bit mode is enabled; otherwise, false.
webSocketsEnabled boolean Optional. True if Web Sockets are enabled; otherwise, false.


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AzureWebSiteConfiguration() constructor

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