Class AzureVirtualNetworkGatewayConnection

A common class for general resource information


Name Type Description
connectionType String Optional. Gateway connection type -Ipsec/Dedicated/VpnClient/Vnet2Vnet
etag String Optional. Gets a unique read-only string that changes whenever the resource is updated
id String Optional. Gets or sets the ID of the resource.
localNetworkGateway2 AzureLocalNetworkGateway Optional.
location String Required. Gets or sets the location of the resource.
name String Optional. Gets or sets the name of the resource.
provisioningState String Optional. Gets or sets Provisioning state of the VirtualNetworkGatewayConnection resource Updating/Deleting/Failed
resourceGuid String Optional. Gets or sets resource guid property of the VirtualNetworkGatewayConnection resource
routingWeight Number Optional. The Routing weight.
sharedKey String Optional. The Ipsec share key.
tags Properties Optional. Gets or sets the tags attached to the resource.
type String Optional. Gets or sets the type of the resource.
virtualNetworkGateway1 AzureVirtualNetworkGateway Optional.
virtualNetworkGateway2 AzureVirtualNetworkGateway Optional.


Name Returns
AzureVirtualNetworkGatewayConnection(String location) constructor
AzureVirtualNetworkGatewayConnection() constructor

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Method Returns
AzureVirtualNetworkGatewayConnectionOperations.beginCreateOrUpdating(String arg0, String arg1, AzureVirtualNetworkGatewayConnection arg2) AzureVirtualNetworkGatewayConnectionPutResponse
AzureVirtualNetworkGatewayConnectionOperations.createOrUpdate(String arg0, String arg1, AzureVirtualNetworkGatewayConnection arg2) AzureAzureAsyncOperationResponse