Class AzureVirtualMachineListResponse

The List Virtual Machine operation response.


Name Type Description
nextLink String Optional. Gets or sets the uri to fetch the next page of VMs. Call ListNext() with this to fetch the next page of Virtual Machines.
requestId String Gets the request identifier.
statusCode Number Gets the HTTP status code for the request.
virtualMachines Object[] Optional. Gets or sets the list of virtual machines.


Name Returns
AzureVirtualMachineListResponse() constructor

Returned by

Method Returns
AzureVirtualMachineOperations.list(String arg0) AzureVirtualMachineListResponse
AzureVirtualMachineOperations.listAll(AzureListParameters arg0) AzureVirtualMachineListResponse
AzureVirtualMachineOperations.listNext(String arg0) AzureVirtualMachineListResponse

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