Class AzureVirtualMachineImageListSkusParameters

Contains the parameters required to list skus.


Name Type Description
location String Required. Location of the PIR, used for orchestration and required by CSM to direct request to appropriate PIR region. Example: westus, eastus.
offer String Required. Unique identifier to distinguish an image. The vmImageName must be unique within publisher?????????s namespace. Example: WindowsServer2012
publisherName String Required. Publisher identifier. For example: Microsoft.Windows or Canonical.


Name Returns
AzureVirtualMachineImageListSkusParameters(String offer, String publisherName, String location) constructor
AzureVirtualMachineImageListSkusParameters() constructor

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Method Returns
AzureVirtualMachineImageOperations.listSkus(AzureVirtualMachineImageListSkusParameters arg0) AzureVirtualMachineImageResourceList