Class AzureVirtualMachineImageGetParameters

Contains the parameters required to get a virtual machine image.


Name Type Description
location String Required. Location of the PIR, used for orchestration and required by CSM to direct request to appropriate PIR region. Example: westus, eastus.
offer String Required. Unique identifier to distinguish an image. The vmImageName must be unique within publisher?????????s namespace. Example: WindowsServer2012
publisherName String Required. Publisher identifier. For example: Microsoft.Windows or Canonical.
skus String Required. A distinct identifier for an item in image name. For example: DataCenter or Enterprise
version String Required. Unique version number that distinguish each monthly release of this product. The allowed characters are digit and period.Format: <MajorVersion>.<MinorVersion>Example: 1.0.0 or 1.1.0


Name Returns
AzureVirtualMachineImageGetParameters() constructor

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Method Returns
AzureVirtualMachineImageOperations.get(AzureVirtualMachineImageGetParameters arg0) AzureVirtualMachineImageGetResponse