Class AzureVirtualMachine

Describes a Virtual Machine.


Name Type Description
availabilitySetReference AzureAvailabilitySetReference Optional. Gets or sets the reference Id of the availailbity set to which this virtual machine belongs.
connection AzureConnection Parent connection
diagnosticsProfile AzureDiagnosticsProfile Optional. Gets or sets the diagnostics profile.
displayName String
extensions Object[] Optional. Gets the virtual machine child extension resources.
hardwareProfile AzureHardwareProfile Optional. Gets or sets the hardware profile.
id String Optional. Gets or sets the ID of the resource.
imageOffer String
imagePublisher String
imageSku String
imageVersion String
instanceView AzureVirtualMachineInstanceView Optional. Gets the virtual machine instance view.
internalIdString String
location String Required. Gets or sets the location of the resource.
name String Optional. Gets or sets the name of the resource.
networkProfile AzureNetworkProfile Optional. Gets or sets the network profile.
operatingSystemType String
osDiskUri String
oSProfile AzureOSProfile Optional. Gets or sets the OS profile.
plan AzurePlan Optional. Gets or sets the purchase plan when deploying virtual machine from VM Marketplace images.
powerState String
provisioningState String Optional. Gets or sets the provisioning state, which only appears in the response.
resourceGroup AzureResourceGroupExtended
resourceGroupName String
storageProfile AzureStorageProfile Optional. Gets or sets the storage profile.
subscriptionId String
tags Properties Optional. Gets or sets the tags attached to the resource.
type String Optional. Gets or sets the type of the resource.
virtualMachineMaxDiskCount String
virtualMachineMemoryMb String
virtualMachineNumberCores String
virtualMachineResourceDiskSizeMb String
virtualMachineSize String


Name Returns
AzureVirtualMachine(String location) constructor
AzureVirtualMachine() constructor
beginCapture(String destinationContainerName, boolean overwrite, String virtualHardDiskNamePrefix) void
beginDeallocating() void
beginDeleting() void
beginPoweringOff() void
beginRestarting() void
beginStarting() void
capture(String destinationContainerName, boolean overwrite, String virtualHardDiskNamePrefix) void
deallocate() void
delete() void
powerOff() void
restart() void
start() void

Returned by

Method Returns
AzureResourceGroupExtended.getVirtualMachineByName(String virtualMachineName) AzureVirtualMachine

Referenced in

Method Returns
AzureVirtualMachineOperations.beginCreatingOrUpdating(String arg0, AzureVirtualMachine arg1) AzureVirtualMachineCreateOrUpdateResponse
AzureVirtualMachineOperations.createOrUpdate(String arg0, AzureVirtualMachine arg1) AzureComputeLongRunningOperationResponse