Class AzureSubnet

Subnet in a VirtualNework resource


Name Type Description
addressPrefix String
connection AzureConnection Parent connection
displayName String
etag String Optional. A unique read-only string that changes whenever the resource is updated
id String Optional. Id of the resource
internalIdString String
ipConfigurations Object[] Optional. Gets array of references to the network interface IP configurations using subnet
name String Optional. Gets name of the resource that is unique within a resource group. This name can be used to access the resource
networkSecurityGroup AzureResourceId Optional. Gets or sets the reference of the NetworkSecurityGroup resource
provisioningState String Optional. Gets or sets Provisioning state of the PublicIP resource Updating/Deleting/Failed
resourceGroup AzureResourceGroupExtended
routeTable AzureResourceId Optional. Gets or sets the reference of the RouteTable resource


Name Returns
AzureSubnet(String addressPrefix) constructor
AzureSubnet() constructor
delete() void

Returned by

Method Returns
AzureVirtualNetwork.getSubnet(String subnetName) AzureSubnet

Referenced in

Method Returns
AzureSubnetOperations.beginCreateOrUpdating(String arg0, String arg1, String arg2, AzureSubnet arg3) AzureSubnetPutResponse
AzureSubnetOperations.createOrUpdate(String arg0, String arg1, String arg2, AzureSubnet arg3) AzureAzureAsyncOperationResponse