Class AzureStorageAccountUpdateParameters

The parameters to update on the account.


Name Type Description
accountType AzureAccountType Optional. Gets or sets the account type. Note that StandardZRS and PremiumLRS accounts cannot be changed to other account types, and other account types cannot be changed to StandardZRS or PremiumLRS.
customDomain AzureCustomDomain Optional. User domain assigned to the storage account. Name is the CNAME source. Only one custom domain is supported per storage account at this time. To clear the existing custom domain, use an empty string for the custom domain name property.
tags Properties Optional. Gets or sets a list of key value pairs that describe the resource. These tags can be used in viewing and grouping this resource (across resource groups). A maximum of 15 tags can be provided for a resource. Each tag must have a key no greater than 128 characters and value no greater than 256 characters. This is a full replace so all the existing tags will be replaced on Update.


Name Returns
AzureStorageAccountUpdateParameters() constructor

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Method Returns
AzureStorageAccountOperations.update(String arg0, String arg1, AzureStorageAccountUpdateParameters arg2) AzureStorageAccountUpdateResponse