Class AzureSiteSourceControlProperties

Represents the properties of the site's source control.


Name Type Description
branch String Optional. Gets or sets the branch (if required, will be master by default).
deploymentRollbackEnabled boolean Optional. Gets or sets true to keep a repository for non-repository source control provider (like Dropbox) or false (by default) otherwise.
manualIntegration boolean Optional. Gets or sets true for repository that requires to be manually synced or false (by default) otherwise.
mercurial boolean Optional. Gets or sets true if repository is Mercurial or false (by default) otherwise.
repoUrl String Required. Gets or sets the repository url.


Name Returns
AzureSiteSourceControlProperties(String repoUrl) constructor
AzureSiteSourceControlProperties() constructor

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Method Returns
AzureSiteSourceControlUpdateParameters.(AzureSiteSourceControlProperties properties) void