Class AzurePublicIpAddressDnsSettings

Contains FQDN of the DNS record associated with the public IP address


Name Type Description
domainNameLabel String Optional. Gets or sets the Domain name label.The concatenation of the domain name label and the regionalized DNS zone make up the fully qualified domain name associated with the public IP address. If a domain name label is specified, an A DNS record is created for the public IP in the Microsoft Azure DNS system.
fqdn String Optional. Gets the FQDN, Fully qualified domain name of the A DNS record associated with the public IP. This is the concatenation of the domainNameLabel and the regionalized DNS zone.
reverseFqdn String Optional. Gets or Sests the Reverse FQDN. A user-visible, fully qualified domain name that resolves to this public IP address. If the reverseFqdn is specified, then a PTR DNS record is created pointing from the IP address in the domain to the reverse FQDN.


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AzurePublicIpAddressDnsSettings() constructor

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