Class AzureOutboundNatRule

Outbound NAT pool of the loadbalancer


Name Type Description
allocatedOutboundPorts Number Required. Gets or sets the number of outbound ports to be used for SNAT
backendAddressPool AzureResourceId Required. Gets or sets a reference to a pool of DIPs. Outbound traffic is randomly load balanced across IPs in the backend IPs
etag String Optional. A unique read-only string that changes whenever the resource is updated
frontendIpConfigurations Object[] Optional. Gets or sets Frontend IP addresses of the load balancer
id String Optional. Id of the resource
name String Optional. Gets name of the resource that is unique within a resource group. This name can be used to access the resource
provisioningState String Optional. Gets or sets Provisioning state of the PublicIP resource Updating/Deleting/Failed


Name Returns
AzureOutboundNatRule(Number allocatedOutboundPorts, AzureResourceId backendAddressPool) constructor
AzureOutboundNatRule() constructor

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