Class AzureNetworkSecurityGroupPutResponse

Response for PUT NetworkSecurityGroups Api servive call


Name Type Description
azureAsyncOperation String Optional. Users can perform a Get on Azure-AsyncOperation to get the status of their update(PUT/PATCH/DELETE) operations
error AzureError Optional.
networkSecurityGroup AzureNetworkSecurityGroup Optional. Gets NetworkSecurityGroups in a resource group
requestId String Gets the request identifier.
retryAfter Number Optional. The recommended retry interval for the Get Azure-AsyncOperation call
statusCode Number Gets the HTTP status code for the request.


Name Returns
AzureNetworkSecurityGroupPutResponse() constructor

Returned by

Method Returns
AzureNetworkSecurityGroupOperations.beginCreateOrUpdating(String arg0, String arg1, AzureNetworkSecurityGroup arg2) AzureNetworkSecurityGroupPutResponse

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