Class AzureNetworkInterface

A NetworkInterface in a resource group


Name Type Description
connection AzureConnection Parent connection
displayName String
dnsSettings AzureNetworkInterfaceDnsSettings Optional. Gets or sets DNS Settings in NetworkInterface
enableIPForwarding boolean Optional. Gets or sets whether IPForwarding is enabled on the NIC
etag String Optional. Gets a unique read-only string that changes whenever the resource is updated
id String Optional. Gets or sets the ID of the resource.
internalIdString String
ipConfigurations Object[] Optional. Gets or sets list of IPConfigurations of the NetworkInterface
location String Required. Gets or sets the location of the resource.
macAddress String Optional. Gets the MAC Address of the network interface
name String Optional. Gets or sets the name of the resource.
networkSecurityGroup AzureResourceId Optional. Gets or sets the reference of the NetworkSecurityGroup resource
primary boolean Optional. Gets whether this is a primary NIC on a virtual machine
provisioningState String Optional. Gets or sets Provisioning state of the PublicIP resource Updating/Deleting/Failed
resourceGroup AzureResourceGroupExtended
resourceGuid String Optional. Gets or sets resource guid property of the network interface resource
tags Properties Optional. Gets or sets the tags attached to the resource.
type String Optional. Gets or sets the type of the resource.
virtualMachine AzureResourceId Optional. Gets or sets the reference of a VirtualMachine


Name Returns
AzureNetworkInterface(String location) constructor
AzureNetworkInterface() constructor
delete() void

Returned by

Method Returns
AzureResourceGroupExtended.getNetworkInterfaceByName(String networkInterfaceName) AzureNetworkInterface

Referenced in

Method Returns
AzureNetworkInterfaceOperations.beginCreateOrUpdating(String arg0, String arg1, AzureNetworkInterface arg2) AzureNetworkInterfacePutResponse
AzureNetworkInterfaceOperations.createOrUpdate(String arg0, String arg1, AzureNetworkInterface arg2) AzureAzureAsyncOperationResponse