Class AzureDeleteOperationResponse

The compute long running operation response.


Name Type Description
azureAsyncOperation String Optional. Gets or sets the the Azure Async Operation Uri.
endTime Date Optional. Gets the operation end time
error AzureApiError Optional. Gets or sets the operation error if any occurred
requestId String Gets the request identifier.
startTime Date Required. Gets the operation start time
statusCode Number Gets the HTTP status code for the request.
trackingOperationId String Required. Gets the operation identifier.


Name Returns
AzureDeleteOperationResponse() constructor

Returned by

Method Returns
AzureComputeManagementClient.getDeleteOperationStatus(String arg0) AzureDeleteOperationResponse
AzureVirtualMachineExtensionOperations.beginDeleting(String arg0, String arg1, String arg2) AzureDeleteOperationResponse
AzureVirtualMachineExtensionOperations.delete(String arg0, String arg1, String arg2) AzureDeleteOperationResponse
AzureVirtualMachineOperations.beginDeleting(String arg0, String arg1) AzureDeleteOperationResponse
AzureVirtualMachineOperations.delete(String arg0, String arg1) AzureDeleteOperationResponse

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