Class AzureCheckNameAvailabilityResponse

The CheckNameAvailability operation response.


Name Type Description
message String Optional. Gets an error message explaining the Reason value in more detail.
nameAvailable boolean Optional. Gets a boolean value that indicates whether the name is available for you to use. If true, the name is available. If false, the name has already been taken or invalid and cannot be used.
reason AzureReason Optional. Gets the reason that a storage account name could not be used. The Reason element is only returned if NameAvailable is false.
requestId String Gets the request identifier.
statusCode Number Gets the HTTP status code for the request.


Name Returns
AzureCheckNameAvailabilityResponse() constructor

Returned by

Method Returns
AzureStorageAccountOperations.checkNameAvailability(String arg0) AzureCheckNameAvailabilityResponse

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