Class AzureBackupSchedule

Defines a backup schedule for a website.


Name Type Description
frequencyInterval Number Optional. The frequency of backups.
frequencyUnit AzureFrequencyUnit Optional. Units for FrequencyInterval - e.g. Day or Hour
keepAtLeastOneBackup boolean Optional. Retention policy deletes backups after predefined number of days. If this is true, there will be always at least one backup left. regardless of the policy. If false, all backups can be deleted.
lastExecutionTime Date Optional. The last time when this schedule started a backup, Null if didn't start anything yet.
retentionPeriodInDays Number Optional. Backups older N days (N defined by this value) will be automatically deleted.
startTime Date Optional. When this schedule should start backing up the site. Null means immediately.


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AzureBackupSchedule() constructor

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