Class AzureBackupItem

A specific backup.


Name Type Description
blobName String Optional. The blob name where the backup is stored, e.g.
correlationId String Optional. Internal correlation identifier - identifies a specific backup.
created Date Optional. Timestamp when the backup has been created.
databases Object[] Optional. Database settings for backup.
finishedTimeStamp Date Optional. Timestamp when this backup has been finished and a zip file has been uploaded to a storage account.
lastRestoreTimeStamp Date Optional. Timestamp when this backup has been used for a restore operation (empty if it wasn't).
log String Optional. Information about the backup, usually used only if there was an error.
name String Optional. The name of this backup.
scheduled boolean Optional. True if this backup has been created as a part of a scheduled backup; false otherwise.
sizeInBytes Number Optional. Size of the backup zip file in bytes.
status AzureBackupItemStatus Optional. The status of the backup - e.g. Succeeded or Failed
storageAccountUrl String Optional. SAS URL for a container in a storage account. E.g.


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AzureBackupItem() constructor

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